Autonomous, Non Generative, E-Volitive, Life-Form

Angel_F is a young artificial intelligence, a digital identity. When it was born, it became a living metaphor of our own lives, as they change in the digital era. Angel_F became a digital rights superstar, arriving at the United nations and touching the hearts and imaginations of millions of people.

Angel_F is the digital child of Derrick de Kerckhove and the  Biodoll, the digital prostitute imagined by artist Franca Formenti.

Born as a spyware, the little artificial intelligence learns language by absorbing the content that thousands of people produce and browse on the Internet.Angel_F is a metaphor of the mutations of human beings brought on by wide availability of digital technologies and networks, with impacts on the ways in which we perceive identity, sexuality, public and private spaces.

A book came out, narrating Angel_F’s story: you can find Angel_F on Amazon or you can  download the book on the website.

Some Links

Here you can find some links and references to Angel_F's presence in theworld

The Book

We published a book about Angel_f's first year of life. It's in Italian, and edited by Castelvecchi Editore. English version soon.

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On Wikipedia

We have added the story of Angel_F on Wikipedia, with references from books, articles and original documents. Help keep it alive!

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on Art is Open Source

There's always something happening about Angel_F. You can keep up to date by going on Art is Open Source in Angel_f's project page..

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Angel_F at NodeFest

Angel_F at the Internet Governance Forum

Angel_F: the book is out!

Angel_F at Rome's Book Fair

Angel_F: message to an activist meeting in Rome

Angel_F at Transmediale's Opening with Dessick de Kerckhove

Angel_F and friends

All materials and contents presented on the domain have been created through software and systems designed by Salvatore Iaconesi.

The Angel_F art performance is created and mantained by xDxD.vs.xDxD and penelope.di.pixel .

The Biodoll is an art performance by Franca Formenti .

Derrick de Kerckhove has been a wonderful dad for little Angel_F, and we thank him along with little angel's other Professors: Massimo Canevacci, Antonio Caronia, Carlo Formenti, Luigi Pagliarini